The Berwick Show of today is very different to that conducted 170 years ago. Notwithstanding we are very proud of the fact that our agricultural and horticultural exhibits remain a significant component of our Show. Our cattle exhibit is one of the largest outside the Royal Melbourne and we have significant Horse, Sheep, Alpaca, Goat, and Poultry Exhibits.

Our Saturday night carnival continues to be a highly successful and popular component of our Show. A major success factor being the very good working relationship we have with the Victorian Showmen’s Guild. Through their co-operation we are able conduct a well organised and safe event.

One thing that remains constant is the contribution made by the volunteers who make up the Show Society. Without their dedication and hard work there would be no Show.

Date: Sat 25 February 2023 - Sun 26 February 2023


Email: [email protected]

Akoonah Park, Berwick

Phone: 0407866049