Every song penned by The Weeping Willows is a love song. They’d deny that, of course. These tracks, they’d claim, are works of imagination – tales of cruelty, tragedy, murder and betrayal, all populated by gamblers, sinners, infidels and travelling salesmen (read: wandering musicians). Ask Andy or Laura to define their work and they’d probably hit you with phrases like “cautionary tales”, “murder ballads” or simply “folk songs”, but in truth these are love songs – each and every one of them.

Support for this session is City of Casey Artist Nia Robertson.

Congratulations to The Weeping Willows who won Instrumental of the Year and Bluegrass Recording of the Year at the 2022 Golden Guitar Awards! Casey Radio are thrilled to be supporting such phenomenal artists!



Date: Sat 28 May 2022

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