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Joëlle Marie – André Kabamba
Speaker, founder, author, publisher, and Pastor!!
Joëlle is a creative spirit with a passion for God, people, and social

She is born in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DCR) and
migrated to Australia with her large and very talented family in 1987

Her academic achievements include a Bachelor of Social
Science, a Bachelor of Theology, a Masters of International
Community Development, and she is currently studying church
planting through Fuller Seminary. She is an accomplished speaker,
community-builder and author, having written two books, one of
which details her years of experience as a school chaplain in
Joëlle is somewhat of a trailblazer who is passionate to empower
the vulnerable, to promote the welfare of humanity, and to
advocate for the rights of women from varied community
backgrounds and from all walks of life. With extensive ministry
experience in Brisbane, Melbourne and abroad, she has also
navigated through the challenges that women often face within
religious institutions.
Her many travels abroad for humanitarian projects have exposed
her to diverse cultures and have seen her step into a variety of
roles across a range of sectors, making life-long connections and
ongoing professional collaborations.
Out of this experience, and fuelled by her passion for social
justice, was birthed the Remember me Project – a program for
victims of the rape epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

She is also the founder of Thesp_cebetwn. Through this initiative,
Joëlle coordinates and curates events that serve as intentional
spaces for Christian singles to meet and interact within relatively
chic and non-intrusive social settings that are situated in safe,
secure environments in the heart of Melbourne.

Her second (and latest) book, The Unexpected Gift, which she also
self-published, served as the springboard for the Thesp_cebetwn,
and for the inception of the now annual Indivisible Conference for
singles, in the heart of Melbourne City. Both of these continue to
spark new conversations and fresh perspectives for individuals to
thrive in singleness amidst the challenges of the modern world.
Joëlle’s most recent undertaking is the pioneering of Gather
Church in the South East of Melbourne, where she is also the Lead
Pastor. Along with a core team of enthusiastic locals, she is
building a place where people can come to encounter the
transformative love of Jesus Christ, to learn about His teachings,
and to find a sense of value, belonging, and strength in their faith
and in the forging of new friendships over the sharing of a
complimentary meal after each service. She is employed full-time
by the Cardinia Shire Council, where she resides and enjoys
serving her local community. This also uniquely positions her to
have a clear understanding and perspective of the needs and
challenges facing this growing community.
At the very heart of what motivates Joëlle lies a commitment to
teaching and coaching others through their life journey; to equip
them with truth, to help facilitate their personal and spiritual
growth, to encourage them to nourish, maximise and employ
their gifts and talents, and to strengthen their hope of enlarging
their sphere of influence for the good of their community and
beyond. She understands on a very personal level, the power of

diversity, inclusivity and community, where many come together,
link arms in unity and love, and become brokers of a better and
more fruitful future for those who choose to become agents of
change and blessing to those around them.
As anyone may have guessed, Joëlle is a woman with a strong
work ethic, underpinned by a definite sense of focus and
discipline. Beneath all this, however, her drive and determination
belie a playful charm and cheeky sense of humor and fun that is
Who is Joëlle Marie – André Kabamba?
She’s a woman who wears many hats, but to truly know Joëlle is
to know her heart; a heart of loyalty and devotion. Her greatest
joy is to rally around people, to come alongside them, support
them, and watch as they step into God’s favour, becoming the
best version of themselves…for their own benefit and, ultimately,
that of all of humanity.