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Saturday 16th January 2021 - 4am
Time Title Artist
04:57am Rifle Range Road The Sureal Estate Agents
04:54am Eyes Wide Open Josh Orange
04:48am Whispers Of Shame Aine Tyrrell
04:44am The Blessing Hollands
04:35am The Deluded Khan
04:32am Diggin Holes Great Aunt
04:27am Build Me An Ark Noah Earp
04:21am Stop Throwing Me Bones (With Reprise) Heath Burdell
04:18am Way to Hell Leticia Maher
04:15am Apes Of Wrath King Cornelius And The Silverbacks
04:11am Footloose Who's This?
04:04am Kansas Who's This?
04:00am Stretched My Neck Money For Rope