Stockland is pleased to today celebrate the opening of the first inclusive park in the South East of Melbourne. Located in its Edgebrook community, the park has been specially designed considering children and families living with autism (ASD).

The park has been carefully designed to encourage learning with an abundance of experiences to support children with sensory processing, social interaction and movement. It will be named ‘Variety Livvi’s Place’ – after the Children’s Charity played a key role in ensuring the park would provide a safe, fun and welcoming experience for all children.

Designed alongside play and behavioural child development experts, the broader park incorporates features such as water sensory zones, quiet spaces and themed zones, which all play an important role for those on the spectrum to find calmness in a busy playspace.

Construction started at the park in February 2020 and the final part of the development, the flight deck, has just been completed – rendering the park now fully complete and open to all. The park also includes a shaded barbeque area, toilet facilities, slides, swings and more.

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