Patricia Ziemer

I’m a bitza. A mix of many cultures and many careers, Information Technology Manager & Teacher, TVProducer/Director/Reporter/
Editor & Movie 1st Assistant Director, Photojournalist and Radio Presenter. I’ve been in the Radio world at three different stations for the last 16 years, but I have found my home at Casey Radio with it’s dedicated staff, flash studios and nurturing environment. I have a Gorgeous hubby, one daughter, one son, two horses, one dog, one cat and birds coming and going all the time. I think the gold fish went to Find Nemo when the kids were very young.

Let me get out my compass and take you on a lively jig of a journey across the moors, dales, heather, mountains and valleys to all lands Celtic including Brittany, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales where I share music, folk stories, and  comedy both nostalgic and modern every Sunday from  5 to 6 pm or after the footy. Don’t forget your wellies and drizabone, it can be a wee bit mystical and misty.

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