John Broughton

A 30+ year career in community radio – there’s not a music star he hasn’t interviewed! John has been with Casey Radio since 1988 hosting the first edition of his program Retrospectives in October of that year during the test broadcast years, it has been part of the programming schedule ever since. A Life Member, John in his second stint as a committee member previously sitting when the station began full time broadcasting in 1991.

Retrospectives has occupied the 10.00pm Tuesday slot since the commencement of broadcasting on 3SER in 1991. A two hour trip through the lifeline of rock music and it’s many related music forms. Theme related programmes alternate with interview specials conducted with music artists from all over the world.

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17 Jul 2024, 12am

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10 Jul 2024, 12am

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3 Jul 2024, 12am

3 Jul 2024, 12am Retrospectives On Demand – 2024-7-2 Retrospectives On Demand – 2024-7-2  

26 Jun 2024, 12am

26 Jun 2024, 12am Retrospectives On Demand – 2024-6-25 Retrospectives On Demand – 2024-6-25