Ross Woodward

The 1970s was a time when rock reigned supreme. Clapton. The Bee Gees. ABBA. The music of disco. The Beach Boys. Pink Floyd.

Now on Casey radio there is a unique show that focuses just on the 1970s. The show is called “Salute to the 70s” and it is presented by music lover Ross Woodward.Ross is the first to admit one of his favourite eras of music is the 1970s. He grew up with bands like the Electric Light Orchestra and Queen. Ross managed to see Queen in concert with all four original members three times!!!

Ross Woodward said “This new show is specifically designed for people who want to take a trip back in time and hear magic songs from the 1970s. The show will be culled from my personal collection. It will be a huge mix of artists … all the biggies will be there. Elton. Clapton. ABBA. Santana. Queen and so much more.”

You can hear “Salute to the 70s” only on Casey radio every Saturday morning for two hours from 10:00 AM. Ross Woodward said “I think it was an extraordinary era of music. So many great artists. So many amazing songs”

“If I pick an example Rod Stewart’s The Killing of Georgie is amazingly powerful and I love the song.

Ross looks forward to your company on Casey radio on Saturday morning from 10:00

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