Ross & Christine

With over 50 years of viewing experience CASEY RADIO’s Christine Taylor and Ross Woodward are fronting a special show for anyone who loves movies and TV.
Over the years the pair have literally seen hundreds of films – and dozens and dozens of shows.
You can catch their show “LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU – THE CASEY RADIO MOVIE AND TV SHOW” every Monday from 7pm till 8pm
Christine Taylor said “The show is all about inspiring people in the area to delve into more movies. There are so many cinemas to choose from – and so many great movies out there. On the show we give a brief rundown of what’s screening.”
“Recently we’ve been watching the very action packed BBC America show “Killing Eve” … it’s just amazing. Fast moving plots, very witty clever one liners and astonishing acting. It’s been such a real find”.
“During lockdown we watched a heap of amazing Scandinavian shows and fell in love with shows like The Bridge and The Killing. Again, amazing acting …and thrilling plots. The Scandinavians make such great drama.”
“It’s really not possible to tell you who I really love. The work of Kenneth Branagh has to be up there. Al Pacino, Cate Blanchett, Sean Penn, Toni Collette, Helen Mirren, Miranda Otto and Emma Thompson are all people I deeply admire”.
“TV wise one of the best shows I have ever seen is “The West Wing” …remarkable writing by the amazing Aaron Sorkin”.
Ross Woodward added “We are all about urging people in the Casey area to go to the movies. It’s such a great experience. My favourite movies include the epic “Once Upon A Time In America”, “Carlito’s Way”, “The Professor and the Madman” and “Field of Dreams. Simply amazed by TV shows like “Breaking Bad” and “Sports Night”. “Breaking Bad” was in a class all of its own.”
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Join Christine and Ross for everything you need to know about movies and TV!

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